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    Fun Bowl – Annual Fundraiser

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The Lance A. Lemons Memorial Foundation understands the importance of Lance’s calling to empower children and youth. Throughout 2017, the Foundation plans to be heavily involved with the community through various schools, churches, and non-profits. The Foundation is set to host a variety of events catering to the expansion of children and youth abilities. This includes, but not limited to, physical fitness, stem learning, ministry, arts, and financial literacy. The purpose is to utilize talents of Lance’s family, friends, and supporters and turn them into programs for the well-rounded development of children and youth.



We appreciate all the financial donations that help fund program supplies, materials, and keepsakes for children and youth participants. Offering your time to program and event organizing, mentoring, and involvement is also welcomed. A list of volunteer and community opportunities are coming soon!



Exchange of information about the foundation’s mission increases fulfillment of its purpose. Please continue to spread the message regarding foundation programs, events, and community opportunities.



We are all in this together; the children and youth need societal development for future success. We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing interest, experiences and accomplishments at future events. Reach out to society groups in the community and encourage family and friends to attent and partake in foundation events.